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How to effectively teach and present online while being cool, calm and engaging (offered through UNON STDU) – Part 2

May 15 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am UTC+3

Wondering what a roller coaster, raccoon, vacuum cleaner, and elephant have to do with effectively teaching/presenting online?  Keep reading.


Lectures that drone on and on.  Overwhelming unread notifications of online events.  Workshops that are drier than the Sahara desert and more boring than watching paint dry. We’ve all been there.  


Online meetings, courses, workshops, check-ins are never-ending. Some research shows we are spending up to 16 hours a day on digital media!  Globally, we doubled our online content consumption in 2020.


We are bored, exhausted and we’re struggling. Mental health challenges are up in most countries and yet mental health service provision is down.


There is hope, however.


Notwithstanding the tremendous costs of the global pandemic, there are hidden benefits to Covid and all that time online.  Help is in sight. Teaching and presenting online CAN (and should) be engaging, interesting, and impactful.   We can make a difference.  We can use tools to help us engage with dignity, inclusion, and impact.  And we can do all that without inducing suffering in ourselves or those we’re working with.


Here’s how.


Join me for a series of fun, interactive workshops where I’ll introduce you to a helpful framework and success signposts to aim for on your online journey.  The workshops will be very practical.  I’ll demonstrate a number of interesting yet simple tools and techniques that you can use right away.


Contact UNON-HR to register (for UN staff only but contact me if you’d like to chat about having a similar workshop for your organization).


Delivery: The course is divided into two sections →

  1. Facilitated by the instructor: A two-hour in-real-time workshop
  2. Facilitated by the instructor: A two-hour in-real-time workshop


In this workshop with the instructor, Lee-Anne Ragan, you’ll:

  • Discover eight success signposts for your online teaching/presenting
  • Uncover two opportunities hiding in plain sight for increasing engagement
  • Learn the abysmal retention rates for the dreaded lecture and three easy things to replace them with that scale engagement and retention
  • Understand your preference in teaching/presenting and how to be more engaging by using the S.A.K.E.© tool
  • Uncover the seven deadly sins of online presenting/teaching so you know what NOT to do
  • Discover your tech personality, what a raccoon, vacuum cleaner roller coaster, elephant have to do with it and why it’s important to know all this
  • Get a chance to practice teaching/presenting online and receive supportive feedback
  • Have fun experimenting with 16 tools for online presenting/teaching that include tools for managing information, collaborating/sharing online, managing learning, and teaching/presenting
  • Come away feeling inspired, hopeful and with an online resource portal full of tips, tools, worksheets, surveys, and more


May 15
9:00 am - 11:00 am UTC+3
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