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Life Lenses® and Goal Setting

December 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST


Every year, clients come to me whispering the same secret.

They know they need to make a plan if they want their organization to be successful.

They know they need to have the processes to implement that plan if they want their actions to be effective.

And yet, the very thought of planning makes them want to run.

Can you relate?

I get it. Most of the planning systems out there work for a very small segment of the population who just happens to jive with them. But for everyone else, they’re too limited, too rigid, too boring, too complicated, too guilt-inducing … the very thought of them sends people running.

Because let’s be real: you’re busy. You don’t have time to implement some super-complicated uber-plan. You don’t want a generic plan that probably won’t work for your organization, much less your work style.

That being said, you really want 2019 to be the year you finally get yourself together and start having the impact you know you could with the right plan and processes. Quelle dilemma, right?

But what if you could craft your most effective, most enjoyable year yet … in just one afternoon?

(Hint: you totally can.)

I work with smart, savvy seekers and meaning-makers on a globally-minded mission to make the world (or at least your corner of it) a better place, and I can show you exactly how to create a plan that covers all your bases — and leverages your innate strengths.

The truth is, the world DESPERATELY needs more of what you have to offer. I can show you how to carve out some time to craft a year that fits you to a T so you can take off, jam-packed with both a dream to chase AND an anchor to hold you steady and on course while you chase it.

The result?

You get out of trenches of frustration, fatigue, and flopping about, shut down shiny object syndrome, and get a plan and a process to custom-tailor your best year yet.

You get the confidence that comes from knowing where you’re headed and EXACTLY how you’re going to get there. (Seriously, can you feel your blood pressure lowering?)

And ultimately, you get to dive in deep to the things that matter the most to you — making the world a better place in  your own cool, creative way — knowing that you’ve got the plan and process to translate all that heart and energy into tangible, exciting effects.

How do I know it works? Well for starters, 100% of the people who have taken the course would recommend it to others. Plus they say lovely things like:

“The Life Lenses® have totally revolutionized the way I work — everything from my weekly planning all the way up to my yearly goal setting is just so. much. easier. And I feel so much relief knowing that I’ve got a system in place to help me both see my blindspots and really double down on my strengths.

The years before I used the Life Lenses® planning method started out great and then descended into craziness. In the years after using the method, everything just works, which means that I have so much more time to do the things I really love. Plus, I get better results with everything I do, because now I’m not stuck in my own perspective — I can now see possibilities that wouldn’t have even been on my radar before.” — Rachel Allen, Bolt from the Blue Copywriting.

So if you…

— Secretly fear that you’re wasting your time flopping about from one thing to another while your big dreams go ignored.

— Feel like you’re banging your head against the wall with the same planning challenges when you try to sort all that flotsam and jetsam in your head.

— Know there’s got to be a better way and you’re open to learning how.

— Crave more space & time to effectively work on the issues that really matter to you.

— Want it all but don’t want any bad medicine / suffering along the way.

Then I’d love to show you how to:

Create a solid start on a plan for 2019 that includes time for reflection, figuring out how you want to feel, what systems you need/want and more.

Use a bunch of fun tools to guarantee your plan fits you like a finely tailored Italian suit.

Learn how to get a 360-degree perspective with your Life Lenses® Assessment results. (Translation: you’ll overcome your built-in biases and blind spots and uncover opportunities and ideas you never dreamed of!)

By the end of the day, you’ll have a plan that’s custom made for you so you can work towards doing that stuff only you can do. (‘Cause you know the world needs more of your secret sauce, right?)

“Before this workshop, I hadn’t really thought about my goals for next year –– they felt too big and too nebulous. The workshop both got me making specific goals (realistic and ideal) and helped me come up with ideas, practises and systems to make sure they actually might happen!” Marsha Shandur

Imagine if you could…

Put all your energy into designing a custom plan for 2019 instead of fussing and farting around with worry about how you are (or aren’t) spending your time.

Get to the end of 2019 feeling on track, energized, focused and — glory, hallelujah — accomplished.

Relax and trust your own planning, instead of being all uptight and wound up with stress because you’re spinning your wheels deeper and deeper into a trench that isn’t your choosing.

Have fun, creative, super-simple strategies to pull out of your back pocket any time you feel like you might be getting off track.

Here’s how it works:

Click to pay the $97 USD course fee —> 

(Yep. It’s that easy.)

Once that’s done, you’ll receive juicy great resources, including the link to take your Life Lenses® assessment, AKA the first step to customizing your 2019 plan. Then we do the course together live Thurs Dec 6th, 7-9am Vancouver, 10am to noon New York, 4-6pm Paris, 6-8pm Nairobi, using Zoom (like Skype but better).  Don’t see your timezone?  Click here to convert.


Besides the training itself (which is so jam-packed with great content and helpful that it regularly revolutionizes organizations), you’ll also get:

— Your Life Lenses® assessment results; your key to planning a fun, fab year that puts you into high gear.

— My assessment for identifying systems that you need to get you working faster, easier and with waayyy less stress (they’ll make you sigh with relief – we’re talking major-level, Calgon-take-me-away relief that lasts all year!)

— Audio and visual recordings of the course so you can choose which works best for you.

— Ongoing support from me in the form of weekly tips and techniques that help you apply all the good stuff you’ll learn and help you start to use your newfound skills.

— An online treasure trove of resources that I’ve created over the last 20 years of training. There’s so much goodness in there, this bonus alone is worth more than the price of admission!

So the only question is … are you ready to create the plan and process that’s going to make 2019 the year you bring so much more of your goodness to the world?

Awesome! Click on the ‘buy now’ button to purchase.  Then mark your calendar for Thurs Dec 6th, 7-10am Vancouver, 10am-1pm New York, 4-7pm Paris, 6-9pm Nairobi.  Don’t see your timezone?  Click here to convert.

“Never before has planning been simplified like this and yet in a very professional manner! Thank you very much Lee-Anne!!”  Caroline Matsalia




December 6, 2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
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Lee-Anne Ragan
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