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Rewards, recognition and celebration- it’s the 100th Learning and Development Roundtable

June 15, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm UTC+3

When’s the last time you celebrated you & your work

Employee rewards and recognition can easily miss the mark and do the opposite of what was intended.  

Reward and recognition are often:

  • Badly timed
  • Not relevant or applicable
  • One size fits all and therefore fit no one
  • Culturally insensitive
  • Disappointing to the intended individual, team etc.
  • Generic and meaningless
  • Damaging to the individual’s motivation and 
  • Negatively affect the organization’s culture.

Case in point: I have a distinct and super cringy memory of an employer giving an employee a bottle of wine in recognition of their efforts …. the same employee who was a recovering alcoholic.  As the so-called reward was being presented, everyone else in the room shuffled awkwardly while the employee had a ghastly expression on their face.

We can do so much better.

And it doesn’t have to be hit or miss.

“Failing to embrace continuous recognition, where you recognize in the moment, means you miss the opportunity to motivate your employees and provide visibility of and reinforce good behavior” (source: Reward Gateway).

When done well, employee rewards and recognition can have the following benefits for individuals:

  • Increase engagement
  • Greater employee satisfaction 
  • More enjoyment of work
  • Decrease stress 
  • Decrease absenteeism 

Likewise, when done well, employee rewards and recognition can have the following benefits for the organization:

  • Decrease employee turnover and the resulting high costs for rehiring, onboarding, and retraining
  • Improve team culture
  • Generate higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers
  • Increase retention overall but especially high-quality employees
  • Increase employee productivity (source: Quantum Workplace)

On this anniversary of the 100th Learning and Development Roundtable, we’re going to do something a little different.  

We’re going to learn about rewards and recognition as we celebrate and while we’re at it, teach you how to do the same!

Don’t miss the last Learning and Development Roundtable before we take a break until September.

In this free workshop on June 15th, with me, Lee-Anne Ragan,  you’ll:

  • Learn about employee rewards and recognition
  • Discover two powerful tools for customizing rewards and recognition
  • Practice simple, targeted celebration tools 
  • Have fun and learn ways to celebrate while we celebrate: 1) the Learning and Development Roundtable, 2) you, and 3) teams in general
  • Come away with some small, unique gifts!
  • Count the workshop towards your annual UN-Mandated training (If you’re a UN staff).

RSVP using this link by June 13th. Then watch your inbox for our agenda and how to participate online.

Please note the dates and times alternate each month so as to reach more people in various time zones at their request.

  • 7-8:30 am Vancouver
  • 8-9:30 am Mexico
  • 10-11:30 am Montreal/New York
  • 11 am-12:30 pm Rio
  • 3-4:30 pm London
  • 4-5:30 pm Paris
  • 5-6:30 pm Nairobi/Beirut/Somalia/Amman
  • 6-7:30 pm Abu Dhabi

Click here to convert to your timezone if it’s not listed above and to double-check the times as they can sometimes change due to daylight savings times.  Use 5 – 6:30 pm EAT(Nairobi) to compare your timezone to.

If you’ve just realized with dread that the time is untenable for you this month, don’t worry, as long as you’re a Learning and Development Roundtable member (membership is free) you’ll get access to the audio and (timestamped) video recordings, workbook and more. 

Take action now –> 

  1. Join the mailing list to receive invitations to the monthly meetings, and get access to all the meeting resources.  
  2. RSVP by June 13th. 
  3. Share this workshop information with a friend and/or colleague and participate together.  The more the merrier.
  4. Add the rest of the Learning and Development Roundtable 2023 dates to your calendar: 
    • September 21
    • October 26
    • November 16


June 15, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm UTC+3
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