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Learning and Development Roundtable: Resolve conflict with confidence and clarity using these simple six skills

October 20, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+3

learning and development roundtable  

When I say the word ‘conflict’ what comes to your mind?  Stress, anxiety, avoid at all costs, frustration, fear?

It’s no wonder.

The frequency of conflict in the workplace is shocking:

  • 85% of employees experience some kind of conflict
  • 29% of employees nearly constantly experience conflict
  • 12% of employees say they often see conflict within the senior team
  • 49% of workplace conflict happens as a result of personality clashes and egos
  • 34% of workplace conflict is a result of workplace stress
  • 33% of workplace conflict is a result of heavy workloads
  • 27% of employees have seen personal attacks arise from conflicts
  • 25% of employees have witnessed absence or sickness due to conflict
  • 9% of employees have seen projects fail because of workplace conflict (Source: CPP)

Conflict affects our mental health, our motivation, our energy levels, wellness, ability to function etc.

And for our organizations, conflict affects the ability to retain great employees, amount of sick leave, quality and amount of work getting done and on time, productivity, workplace culture and organizational reputations.

It’s enough to make us want to hide out in a cave with no human contact (at least until we recoup and regroup).

It’s not surprising.  I’d wager a bet (and I’m not even a betting person) that you likely didn’t learn how to resolve conflict – at home, in school or on the job.  It’s something that we’re just supposed to magically know how to do, even when our pulses are racing, our throats are dry and we’re spending every precious moment trying not to throw up with anxiety when we’re in the middle of a difficult conflict.

There is good news, however.  Conflict resolution is a series of practical, helpful, simple skills that can be learned.  Truly, honestly, really.

In this free workshop on October 20th, with me, Lee-Anne Ragan,  you’ll:

  • Discover three skills that you can personally use anytime and anywhere for any conflict including:
    • Two A’s and 3 F’s that will raise your confidence and your con res abilities
    • Key quadrants, cones, and continuums that give you xray con res vision, and
    • How to instantly lower your strongly felt emotions on the spot so you can keep a clear, calm head
  • Uncover three skills you can use with the person you’re engaged in a conflict with including:
    • My above or below tool that will surprise you and give you much-needed con res insight
    • Learning how to massage almonds (that’s not a typo) which will help you move forward in even the trickiest of conflict situations and
    • One of the easiest most overlooked skills
  • Come away with a personalized action plan using my S.A.K.E. tool
  • Count the workshop towards your annual UN-Mandated training (If you’re a UN staff)

RSVP using this link by October 18th. Then watch your inbox for our agenda and how to participate online.

Please note the dates and times alternate each month so as to reach more people in various time zones at their request.

  • 7-9 am Vancouver
  • 9-11 am Mexico
  • 10 am-noon Montreal/New York
  • 11 am-1 pm Rio
  • 5-7 pm Nairobi/Beirut
  • 6-8 pm Abu Dhabi

Click here to convert to your timezone if it’s not listed above and to double-check the times as they can sometimes change due to daylight savings times.

If you’ve just realized with dread that the time is untenable for you this month, don’t worry, as long as you’re a Learning and Development Roundtable member (membership is free) you’ll get access to the audio and (timestamped) video recordings, workbook and more.

Take action now –> Join the mailing list to receive invitations to the monthly meetings, and get access to all the meeting resources (including time-stamped recordings in case you can’t make it in real-time).  And don’t forget to  RSVP for this roundtable by October 18th.


October 20, 2022
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+3
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