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Learning and Development Roundtable: Communicate better, resolve conflict easier and lessen misunderstandings with Life Lenses®

September 15, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC+3


  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re speaking a language nobody gets but you, and you DESPERATELY wish you could communicate more clearly and be understood?
  • Do you hate conflict, and yet somehow find yourself navigating a bunch of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and confusion?
  • How about this – do you feel like you’re having to constantly decipher the people around you? Best case, it’s tiring. Worst case, it feels like people are trying to provoke you with all the daft, dumb things they’re doing.

We’ve got a lot of things coming at us, so naturally — and quite rightly — we filter LOTS of things out.


But what if you’re also filtering out too much of the stuff that actually matters? What if all of that unconscious filtering is the very reason you so often feel stuck, lost, misunderstood. As if everyone around you is speaking Greek.


The consequences are huge; we miss out on the insights, and experiences that can enrich our lives. We miss out on the things that can help us reduce conflict, lessen disagreements, parent with ease, create far better products, services, programs…


Here’s the thing: Great minds DON’T think alike.


Only we’ve been sucked into the idea that they do.


But there is a way to shift your view, to address your biases (we all have ‘em), and to benefit from other perspectives:


Learn to look at life through different lenses – the Life Lenses® that is..


In this free workshop on September 15th, with me, Lee-Anne Ragan,  you’ll:

  • Discover the eight Life Lenses® and which ones appeal to you the most
  • Illuminate your ‘natural’ perspectives – and see where you shine when it comes to conflict, communication, teambuilding, project management and more
  • Uncover how you can communicate with lenses that are different from yours (and why that’s so important)
  • Learn how to avoid the very natural and very strong temptation to stick to your own lenses 
  • Count the workshop towards your annual UN-Mandated training (If you’re a UN staff) (but know that you don’t have to be a UN staff to attend, any and all are welcome)

RSVP using this link by September 13th. Then watch your inbox for our agenda and how to participate online.

Please note the dates and times alternate each month so as to reach more people in various time zones at their request.

  • 8-10 am London
  • 9-11 am Paris/Rome
  • 10 am-noon Nairobi/Beirut
  • 11 am-1 pm Abu Dhabi
  • 12:45-2:45 pm Katmandu
  • 3-5 pm Manila
  • 4-6 pm Fukuoka

Click here to convert to your timezone if it’s not listed above and to double-check the times as they can sometimes change due to daylight savings times.


Take action now –> Join the mailing list to receive invitations to the monthly meetings, and get access to all the meeting resources (including time-stamped recordings in case you can’t make it in real time).  And don’t forget to  RSVP for this roundtable by September 13. 


Optional: if you wish, find out more about Life Lenses® here and get the most out of this workshop then get to know your Life Lenses® in detail and take the assessment here.


September 15, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC+3
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