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Learning and Development Roundtable: Getting the knack of negotiation with six skills for nuanced negotiating

October 21, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+3

Let’s talk conflict and money.

Have you ever paused to think about the cost of conflict in the workplace, both to you and your organization?  What if I told you it was £28.5 billion in the UK alone. This represents an “average of just over £1,000 for every employee in the UK each year, and just under £3,000 annually for each individual involved in conflict.” (Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, 2021).


“Employees in United States companies spend approximately 2.8 hours each week involved in conflict. This amounts to around $359 billion in hours paid that are filled with – and focused on – conflict instead of on positive productivity.” (Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, 2021)


For individuals, unresolved conflict in the workplace can lead to an increase in stress, anxiety, depression, sick days, and decreased productivity, disengagement, and motivation.


For organizations, the cost is huge including an unhealthy organizational culture, staff resignations and the cost and time to replace them, project fails and ‘presenteeism.’ Presenteeism, the practice of being present at one’s place of work for more hours than is required, especially as a manifestation of insecurity about one’s job (Oxford dictionary)  “has a negative impact on productivity with an annual cost estimated between £590 million and £2.3 billion in the U.K. (Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, 2021).


That’s a whole lot of strife, teeth-gnashing, and sometimes even terror.

And yet, when faced with a conflict, many of us do MORE (yes more) of what’s NOT working.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Add some negotiation skills to your conflict resolution toolkit and you’ll be on your way to more confidence, less conflict, and more calm.


In this free workshop with me, Lee-Anne Ragan, on October 21st, you’ll:

  • Learn how to get the best of your nerves and do a simple climate analysis the next time you’re needing to negotiate a conflict
  • Learn six simple negotiation skills including what the two most important questions to ask are 
  • Unlock various types of power plus the power of questions, including some ‘wicked’ ones
  • Diagnose the conflict in a snap using a simple matrix
  • Map your way to success using a simple mapping tool
  • Come away feeling inspired, relaxed, and re-energized with a toolkit full of strategies and tools for you to implement
  • Count the workshop towards your annual UN-Mandated training (If you’re a UN staff)   


RSVP by October 19th. Then watch your inbox for our agenda and how to participate online.

Please note the dates and times alternate each month so as to reach more people in various time zones at their request.

  • 8-10 am Mexico
  • 11 am-1 pm Rio
  • 9-11 am Montreal/New York
  • 5-7 pm Nairobi
  • 6-8 pm Abu Dhabi

Click here to convert to your timezone if it’s not listed above and to double-check the times as they can sometimes change due to daylight savings times.

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October 21, 2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+3
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